For or against Trump ?

For or against Trump ? donald-trump-presidente

Before anything else, I want to warn you that I am not a Trump’s supporter. Nonetheless, what I’m going to say might not follow the mainstream. With the euphoria of the last American elections, I started to ask myself the following question : Is Donald Trump as evil as most people say he is ?

D.Trump was democratically elected and for that reason he is legally where he should be. Here are three reasons why he was elected. First he had its own money and so was totally independent regarding the corruption made by some companies that could use SuperPACs to make the candidate they have chosen win. Then, he is original and doesn’t fear to say what he thinks even if it is controversial. Finally, he is also a very good businessman and could lead right the USA.

Nevertheless, I admit that he is not a very likable person. It’s hard to believe that a US president could be so racist and sexist. I think that it is undefensible. Moreover I absolutely don’t like the idea that he is climatosceptic. Because of that and of the fact that he doesn’t have lots of tact in diplomacy, I think he could be dangerous for the world.

Donald Trump, in some ways, is dangerous for the world. But I think that most people criticize him without even thinking about the fact that he represents the American people and that he was smart enough to become the 45th President of the USA.

Alexis Maugeais

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